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Migration for Welfare: Nurses Within Three Regimes of Immigration and Integration into the Norwegian Welfare State (Wellmig)

Duration: 2017-2021

Project Leader: Marie Louise Seeberg, NOVA, Oslo

Research team: Elżbieta M. Goździak, Izabella Main, Marek Pawlak

Research grant from the Norwegian Research Council.

About the project:

In collaboration with Norwegian migration scholars at NOVA and at PRIO, CeBaM is conducting a study on different pathways of Polish, Swedish, and Filipino nurses into the Norwegian labor market, and the impact of mobility regimes on migrant nurses’ lives. Comparing Scandinavian, EU, and non-EU migrants, we explore how and when migration, gender, race and ethnicity matter, and bring together regimes of immigration and integration in a mutually informative way. The comparison offers the opportunity to examine the impact of these regimes on migrants’ integration into work and society in Norway. You can find the project blog here.




♦ Taylor Vaughn, Marie Louise Seeberg, Aslaug Gotehus (2019). “Waiting: Migrant nurses in Norway." Time and Society. [link]


♦ Main, I., E. M. Goździak (2020). "Transnational mobility and social remittances. The case of Polish women in Norway and Poland." Ethnologia Europaea – Journal of European Ethnology .

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