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Action “Adopt a Life Jacket”


Coordinator of action:

CeBaM and Migrant Info Point; in cooperation with Oxfam International




Purpose of action:


To raise awareness about the situation of refugees and lack of response to asylum seekers situation from Polish authorities by placing the lifejackets in a public places .

  • As a part of this action, life jackets were placed in public spaces such cinemas, theatres, waiting rooms, and lecture halls in seats normally occupied by people. In Poznan, the lifejackets were strategically place in the Polish Theatre, Poznan Castle Cultural Centre, as well as in the office of the City Hall, City Council, Social Service Office, and schools

  • “We have a great need in our office to join the action. These life jackets remind us of the big tragedy of refugees who fled their country in search of a better life and did not survive” - says Andrzej Bialas, Director of the Office of the Mayor of the City of Poznan. “These life jackets should make us reflect on whether and how we want to help refugees and commit that we will do everything possible to help them”, he admitted

  • Each life jacket bears a tag that reads:


“This life jacket was found among many others on the beach of the Greek Island of Chios. It was worn by a baby who tried to escape across the Mediterranean. We don’t know whether the child who wore it arrived safely on shore. We do not know what happened to him or her. We just know they are not in Poland … Because Poland did not create humanitarian corridors to provide for a safe escape from war-torn places (...) Because Poland has not launched resettlement camps in countries neighboring places of conflict. (…) Because Poland has not joined the refugee relocation program.”

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