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CeBaM Webinar "Green Light Welcome d' EUROPA. Our experiences of welcoming and integration"

Centre for Migration Studies | Green Light Welcome d' EUROPA. Our experiences of welcoming and integration | Giovanni Calabrese and Sylwia Modzelewska

Centre for Migration Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań invites you to this month’s webinar which will be given by Giovanni Calabrese and Sylwia Modzelewska, entitled “


Date: 21st of April 2022, Thursday, 10.00 to 11.30 (CET), online (zoom).

Everyone is welcome and you can register here:

Our project or Green Light WELCOME movement, stems from the fact that Europe cannot continue to close itself off to reception, but must create openings through dialogue with politics, art, institutions and so on, to guarantee greater space for the participation of civil society in a new redefinition of borders. The small municipalities, the rural areas of Europe, play a fundamental role today, standing as candidates to become Green Lights of WELCOME and choose hospitality as a lever of local development and experimentation to trigger innovative processes and practices to inspire integration and reception policies. The webinar will be the opportunity to introduce what we are doing in Europe through different actions and introducing you to the Italian reception system for asylum seekers, with a special focus on SAI projects (Sistema di Accoglienza e Integrazione) we have put in place.

Giovanni Calabrese is an international activist, artist and architect from Italy who explores the relationships between art, activism, politics, urban pedagogy and social design. He has often lived and worked in marginal and difficult areas of the world, such as South America and Central Africa in addition to rural areas in Italy, in initiating participatory processes and experimenting with new practices for social change. Calabrese today coordinates the European mission of the Sale della Terra Consortium in Poland and other European countries in support of refugees, trying to connect different realities to build new experience to learn from transcending each other’s affiliations, identities and ethnicities.

Sylwia Modzelewska graduated in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, then in Interculturality and Social Citizenship at Ca’Foscari University in Venice. She lives in Italy where she has carried out various jobs and voluntary work in the field of migration for various associations and humanitarian organisations. She has worked with migrant women, Roma children, asylum seekers and foreign communities. Since 2016 she has worked as a mediator in reception centres for the Consorzio Sale della Terra. In the past, she has published articles on the conditions of refugees and oppressed peoples for the portal.

The meeting will be led in English and will be recorded. By participating in this webinar hosted by the Centre for Migration Studies, you automatically agree to authorize recording of audio and visual content presented during the live event and consent to subsequent use of the recording in the public domain.


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